Charges for Hit and Run in SC

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Uh oh! You just hit that car’s bumper,,and you don’t have a license. It was probably just a tap, right? There’s probably no damage anyway. Just take off, right? After all, if you stay, you might be in some serious trouble.

The truth is, if you leave the scene, you’re only making matters worse.

Is this my First, Second, or Third Drug Offense?

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Joe Client got arrested last night for possession of marijuana. Back in 2001 he had a previous conviction for possession of cocaine base. Now he's worried that this will be a "second offense" marijuana charge...

How to Watch Your DUI Breath Test Video

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South Carolina allows a person to download their breath site video by going to the SLED implied consent website. This video is the recording for your Datamaster DMT test or refusal at the breath test site. Every person charged with DUI in South Carolina is offered a breath test unless there are statutory reasons that the tests cannot be offered by police or performed by the driver. 

The Effects of Methamphetamine vs. Other Drugs

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When it comes to methamphetamine—the drug commonly known as meth—there are plenty of misconceptions out there. Many people wrongly assume it’s just another illegal drug, like marijuana, Cocaine Base (“crack”) or heroin. The truth is, meth is in a category all its own with devastating side effects, both short-term and long-term.

How Much Jail Time Can I Get for a Charge in South Carolina

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South Carolina Criminal Offenses and Penalties

How much jail time can I get? This seems to be the first question that anyone asks when they get charged with an offense.  A criminal statute usually list prison times in terms of a range or maximum penalty.  So for example, burglary in the 1st degree carries 15 years to life.  While most charges can be suspended to a probationary sentence, some cannot.  Burglary in the 1st...

How Do I Hire a Criminal Attorney?

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You are pulled over on a traffic stop, and a police officer confronts you. Now you find yourself facing criminal charges. You’ve never been arrested before, and you don’t know the first thing about hiring...

Can my spouse dismiss a Criminal Domestic Violence / CDV charge against me?

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This article was updated to reflect the new "domestic violence" law passed on June 4, 2015. 

Argument takes place, spouse gets mad and cops are called.  “He threatened to hit me!” “She slapped me!”  Just as planned, the spouse or sometimes both spouses are taken to jail for Domestic Violence or "DV".  This scenario happens all too often ending up...


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